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Following are the terms & conditions you may require to file before and/or after sale completion.

bulletTerms & Conditions of Sale
bulletTerms & Conditions of Commission

Exemption Forms: Please use these forms as per your applicability and state. Overseas customers are not required to use these forms. 

1: Application for a Direct Payment Permit

2: Resale Certificate

3: Exemption Certificate for Tractors, Trailers, Semi-trailers, or Omnibuses

4: Certificate of Capital Improvement

NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement). Please use these form if you want  to claim for NAFTA benefits.

1: Certificate Of Origin

2: Combined Invoice & Declaration By Foreign Shipper

These publications are available in PDF format; to view them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free application that you can obtain by clicking Get Acrobat Reader.

Arrester Connectors
Cutout Electric KWH Meters 
Fuses Insulator
Lamp Luminaries
Pole Splice
Transformer Wire

Scrap Metals Scrap Papers
Capital Equipments Computing Systems

1: We buy and sell electrical and gas surplus.                2: We have affiliation with several electric utility companies to outsource their surplus in the overseas market.  










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